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I started writing somewhat about our marriage in the previous chapters and begin again after we moved from London to Three Bridges just outside Crawley in East Sussex
We settled in our newly purchased house at 126 Willowtree Road just the two of us and our daughter Jennifer, it was so different to living in two rooms in the heart of South London although the travelling was about 1 hour from door to door but it did give me time for reflection

1957 saw the birth of our first son Stephen Jeffery, he decided to make life difficult by putting himself in the breach position before he was born however when the time came for him to enter this world he decided to come the normal way, in the meantime Kath was taken away to Cuckfield Hospital in an ambulance on a very foggy morning with me following in our old car. I left Jennifer with our next door neighbour. He was born on the 17th February 1957 and so we settled into our new home in the  country and as all of our neighbours moved in to the estate we all made friends very easily and I became one of the many men travelling up to London to work.

1960 saw the arrival of our next child, a boy. Paul Simon. Two years later on the 20th September 1962 our next child arrived and this time a girl Teresa Jane and so we had 2 boys and 2 girls.

we stayed in Three Bridges for 10 years going about our lives dealing with new schools, our Church, and my work.

You would have read in my work experience that this was the time that we I got moved by my company up the country to Altringham and it was there that our third son Andrew Martin was born in a place known as Bowden on the 17th December 1967, it was soon after this that I was called back to London to work by the Production Director Director Brian Johnson to work in Walthamstow. After 9 months of travelling back and forth to London we moved again back to North London living in Rayleigh Essex.

it was there that Kath gave birth to another Girl, Catherine Elizabeth on the 5th August 1971 who was named after both our parents.

My career as already covered in my Working Life ended we us living in Rayleigh, all of our children have now become married with most of them having children of their own and currently 3 of them living abroad, they have between them produced 11 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren

Kath and I now live in a retirement apartment building that has 20 apartments and we share each other’s company together with some social activities.











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